Can't pull up the cornerstone edit mode

Hello, every time I try to use the cornerstone edit mode I get this.

When I click on the link to ‘log in’ my site tells me I am already logged in which I am.
Please help I need to be able to edit pages as I was supposed to roll out a new package tonight.
The site is


Jenna Giannone
RotoRadar President

Hi @mythingaboutlife,

Thanks for reaching out.

It looks like you updated your Cornerstone but not the theme. If you’re not planning to update your theme then you should only install the compatible cornerstone. It’s either delete your current cornerstone and let the theme install the compatible one (by visiting X > Validation after deletion). OR, update your theme to the latest, either way, you’ll have to delete cornerstone as it may affect the validation (if your site isn’t validated yet).


I am not sure what you mean by the validation. If I delete cornestone where do I go to find it again? will it change anything on my site for the time being? where do I delete it from and where do I reinstall it? Sorry for all the questions but I am new to all this.

Thank you for all your help.

Jenna Giannone

Hi Jenna,

Please check this link for information on how to validate the theme:

If you have installed and activated X, Cornerstone should be automatically activated.

Let us know how it goes.

Hello again,

My issue is that I am refering to my site and I have had that site working for 3 years with cornestone working fine then all of the sudden it starting to do that. I understand that the Cornerstone was updated and not the theme but it must have done that automatically so I updated the theme and now it is no longer working. It was woking fine up until a last week.

Jenna Giannone

Hi Jenna Giannone,

I checked your website and I think I found the problem cause. Please Backup your website completely and Update your WordPress to version 4.9.6. You are using version 4.8.

After that, you will be able to have the Theme Options pulled up without that broken view. Then, please go to X > Theme Options > JS. There you added an iFrame code which is wrong. You only can add Javascript code and not the HTML code there.

Thank you.

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Thank you so much for your help. Now this might be a little too much but do you have any guidance on how I can go about updating my wordpress site I don’t believe it is allowing me to do so in my dashboard.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Hi There @mythingaboutlife

You can manually update WordPress core files by following a tutorial like this ( Also you can check the official WordPress update guide from here (

Hope that helps.

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