Can't import demo

I’m having troubles importing integity demo 1, sections missing and almost nothing is imported after it’s done.
Also slider revolution says isn’t activated.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Tony,

Thanks for writing in! As mentioned on our demo content generation area, standard demos only includes home page along with image placeholders and example posts. If you want to try a full demo including inner pages with content and images, please try generating one of our expanded demos.

Also make sure to install and activate Slider Revolution plugin under X -> Validation -> Extensions area, before generating your demo content. So that it will import your sliders as well, while your demo content is generating.

You can also check all the demo examples from the following link (

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply!
The demo is not importing, I’m talking about everything! menus, layouts, etc… I’ve already tried some solutions I’ve seen at the forum like changing capsize in PHP uploads, PHP versions etc., reinstalled Wordpress, tried again… Still doesn’t work.
About slider revolution, Like I said, I installed every single plugin even those I don’t need at all and activated them all and only after I tried to import the demo.
Thanks once again.

Hello Tony,

Thanks for updating the thread.

In that case, please share website login details in secure note for us to take a closer look.


Here it goes…

Hi @terastudio,

The demo content when imported should have a one to one result or the exact copy of the demo site. The problem in your case is that, you have imported the demo content and ubermenu is active. Please be advise that our demo content did not use this plugin. Please deactivate UberMenu plugin and you shall see the same demo content.

For the slider, the slider is only available in the expanded demos so you need to build that on your own. Please take a look at this:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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