Can't Get V2 Headline to Scale Responsively

I have a headline in the hero of this page ( but no matter what settings I try to change, it doesn’t affect the size/scale of the headline.

Is it that V2 headlines cannot be responsive? I’m confused.


Hello Nuera,

The size that you set to the V2 Headline are in pixels so they don’t resize accordingly on smaller screens.

What you can do is to use the Responsive Text feature so that the texts will resize depending on the screen size.

Please check these links:

Hope this helps.

Yes, I’ve already applied the responsive text feature, but I can’t seem to figure out how to activate it.

If the text size isn’t set by pixels how should it be set? The articles on the subject are very vague.

Hi There @Nuera

Please check the following video walkthrough on how to setup and implement responsive text feature (

Please make sure to clear all caches when testing your issue (


So… I kind of got it working. I don’t know how the example post was able to make it quite so fluid. Nothing I try really allows it to scale as easily - but it’s good enough I suppose.

Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

Glad it’s working now, cheers and you’re most welcome!

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