Can't edit drafts of Events Calendar (Modern Tribe) with Cornerstone

Cornersote shows sometimes an empty page when the Event is in draft mode or the format is wrong (see screenshot, new line is formatted with “n”). As soon as I publish the Event the page is editable and shown corrent with Cornerstone.
Note: I do not edit with the standard editor only with cornerstone.

Using: X Theme 5.1.0 with The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe 4.4.2

Hi there,

Please kindly update the theme to version 5.2.4 and the Cornerstone plugin to version 2.1.6:

That should do the trick for you.

Thank you.

unfortunately after updating I can not edit with cornerstone at all.
see attached video.

X theme 5.2.4 usind a child theme
Cornerstone 2.1.6

I get redirected from:


no caching is used on this site

can you please help. I am not able to make changes to the site.

Hi there,

I have checked your site and X and Cornerstone are both updated.

Would you mind going over this new article which has some information about troubleshooting when Cornerstone is not working:

In case the issue persists, kindly provide us with your FTP details as well so that we could check further.

Thank you.

I tried the trouble shouting but error ist still there.
See attached FTP details

Hi there @witali,

Thanks for writing in!

I’ve taken a look at this and you’re getting a 500 internal server error when trying to edit. A couple of things:

1: Your .htaccess, the WordPress rules should be at the top with the redirects under that. Right now, you have redirects, WordPress, redirects. Cleaning that up could have an impact.

2: A internal server error, usually points to an issue with a plugin conflict or a server side issue. As it was working before, it’d lead me to believe the issue is a plugin conflict.

Have you gone through and tested for a plugin conflict? If not trying deactivating everything apart from Cornerstone, and then try editing a page. If it works, re-enable plugins one by one until it no longer works.

Thank you!

It was a conflict with WPML. After an update of WPML all is fine again.

I can also edit drafts now.

Thank you for your support.

Glad it’s okay now and you’re most welcome!

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