Can't create new headers in Pro 4.0.10

I’ve been using Pro for the past few years and have always been able to easily create Header and Footer templates. I recently upgraded to 4.0.10. I am not a novice web designer. But for the life of me, I CAN NOT FIGURE OUT how to create new/custom Headers (specifically) in 4.0.10. I can’t even drag and drop the template (see screenshot).

  1. I’ve looked on Facebook, in the Design Cloud itself, and on Themeco videos on YouTube, but I still CAN NOT FIND ANY current/recent tutorial videos (within the last 2 months) on how to create new headers in Pro 4.0.10.

  2. Also, when I go here - - my Pro UI doesn’t look anything like the images in the screenshot, and I also don’t have the ‘Start Blank’ option to create a Header from scratch.

Maybe tutorial videos are out there, but I’m not seeing anything recent.

Any guidance or links would be greatly appreciated!


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Hello @arlington1,

Thanks for writing in!

Please see the video below on how you can create a new header/footer:

Hope this helps.

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