Can't change fonts via Customization


I’m starting getting better at this. Though I have some issues with the font. I recall having set the font once, but it isn’t showing.

I’ve searched the forum, and realized that I have to edit it via appearance -> customize. But when I’m trying to access this part of WP, I’m not able to customize anything, as you see:

So… How do I change the font? I’m using Barlow.

Kind regards

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for reaching out.

It’s no longer configurable in Appearance > Customize, it was for very old version of the theme. Please check this for more details

Once you have configured the fonts, you can also apply them in Theme Options > Typography.

Hope this helps.


Great, that helped. Though I’m not able to upload my the Barlow font?!


Hello Amanda,

Barlow is part of Google Font so you do not need to upload a font file to use it.

Please check this screencast below on how to add it:

Hope this helps.

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