Can't assign pro footers to site pages. Pro also ignoring page template settings

Hi Guys,

Noticed a little bug this morning. Can no longer assign pro footers to pages.

  • I can only assign manually to each post or page but it doesn’t implement the footer.
  • All plugins checked for conflict.
  • Pro theme updated to latest 2.5.3
  • Wordpress core updated to latest version.
  • It only affects the Pro Footer. Pro Header still works.
  • I have cleared the Pro cache in settings along with my browser cache and resaved permailnks.
  • I removed all custom CSS and javascript and have also checked its not the child theme by switching to parent but the problem still exists.

Totally stumped on this one.

I just tested a page by changing the page template to “No Headers, No Footers” and it ignores any request and continued to display my page with the header regardless.
Hope this help to resolve the problem.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Claire :slight_smile:

Save function is also missing from the Pro Footer section. This is weird!

Hi @seegreen,

I’ve removed the All Pages from the assigns of Main New header:

Then I could see that the default header and footer:

I was able to assign a footer to the contact page as well:

The Pro version is 2.5.3.

Could you please take a look?

Thank you.


I want to be able to select “all pages” and still can’t.
I cannot save the pages either as the save button is missing and ctrl+S doesn’t work.
The error still exists.

I also installed another version on a new install and subdomain and the issue continues.
This was after saving from 2.4.7

I’ll await your response.

Thanks again,

Also, I’m referring to the footer not the header. The header is fine.
Please try apply the footer to all pages and see if you can get it to work.
I have been trying workarounds for hours to no avail.

Hello Claire,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

I checked the website and though I can apply footer over the pages in footer builder but in front end it wont show up. Further checking the website I see that the code that’s responsible for footer section of website is not getting displayed.

Then I checked the Themes section and I noticed that you have multiple Pro Theme installations on the website. And the one that’s currently activated, seems broken. Please do following:

  1. Delete all other Pro Theme files other then that’s currently active.
  2. Activate default WordPress theme.
  3. Delete Pro Theme that’s left.
  4. Download latest version of Pro Theme from members area.
  5. Install the same from Appearance > Themes.

Let us know how it goes.


Hi Prasant,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the new indstallation did not work.
I also tried on a fresh install of wordpress on a new subdomain with the latest 2.5.3 download and again the issue is replicated on the new site.
What to do next?



Hi Claire,

I checked your site and did a bunch of test but could not find out what is causing the issue.

Can you provide us your wordpress admin login of your fresh install and provide us your ftp login as well in Secure Note


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