Can't activate Cornerstone after installing X


I’m getting a fatal error message when I try to activate Cornerstone after installing X.

Hi John,

Thank you for writing in, Is that the site you’re working on below? I believe you have PRO, not X. If so, you do not need to install Cornerstone.

Cornerstone is required for X, but not needed in PRO.


Forgive me, I’m very new to the way Wordpress works. I was upsold Pro but actually want to install a theme from X. I activated Pro yesterday as I was having problems with Cornerstone but I think I’m going to have more success using Cornerstone with X as Pro seems like a steeper learning curve. Do I need to activate an X template for you to see the issue I was having with Cornerstone?

Hi John,

Unfortunately, you can not use the X theme if you have the Pro license. It is possible to use the Pro theme without the Header and Footer Builder.

The only thing you need to do is to go to Pro > Headers or Pro > Footers and delete any header or footer you created there.

That way the Pro theme will look like exactly the X theme and you can set the header and footer options from Pro > Theme Options > Header/Footer.

The Pro theme does not need Cornerstone as the exact cornerstone is embedded into the theme. You can simply deactivate and delete Cornerstone and use the Pro Page builder which exactly is the same.

Thank you.

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