Can't access Customizer - Help with License/Setup

I purchased the Pro theme months ago and never got around to setting it up. Today I went to do that and I realized that it would not work without the X theme. I even upgraded my license support for Pro prior to setting things up and I can’t access the customizer in the dashboard. So in reading the forum I realized that I can’t convert my Pro license down to an X license! So I just went and purchased ANOTHER X LICENSE only to NOT HAVE ACCESS AGAIN TO THE CUSTOMIZER!! So how do I activate this and get to work? I am trying to use my website. Now I’m Pissed off! This is BS!! I am on a Siteground site. I just want to set this up as easily as possible so I believe that I just need the X version. Please clarify.
Please reply ASAP.
Thank you,
Brent Wallace

Hi Brent,

Thank you for writing in, product validation is under X > Overview

Product Validation

With regards to your Customizer issue, would you mind providing us login credentials in a “Secure Note” so we can take a closer look.


Hello There,

Thanks for providing the information. When we release X5.2.5, we now recommend that you access the theme options instead of the customizer. Please go to X > Launch > Options. This has the same settings as the customizer.

Hope this helps.

Okay. Did you fix the licenses?

So what is the deal with the Pro VS X? Does Pro have the same functionality as X? Plus more? I’ve never seen a comparison.

And do I need to have a licenses for both?

Hi again,

I checked your site and it seems to be validated now.

X theme is good for newbie and intermediate users. The demos and the customizer manager will help you easily start your own site by utilizing the demos or use the customizer manager to have the same X theme settings from one installation to another site installation.

Pro theme on the other hand is good for intermediate and advance users, designers, developers or someone who want to create something beyond X theme especially in lay-outing the header or footer.

PRO offers the header and footer builders that give you extreme possibilities to design your header and footer.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Nabeel.
I’ll try X for now. If I switch to Pro will all of my settings. CSS, child changes automatically transfer over from X to Pro?

Hi there,

The changes in your child theme will not as the parent is different and you’ll need to move the changes from X child theme to Pro Child Theme manually. Make sure to read this article before updating to Pro:

I’d recommend you to do this on your staging website first to make sure every thing is working okay.

Hope this helps!

Help please! FATAL ERROR!
For some reason Cornerstone will not activate. I have no idea why it quit. Things started getting weird, like to header and broken pages, Here is the message:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Cornerstone_Plugin_Base in /home/brentsda/public_html/ on line 6

I sill think that there may be an issue with the licenses. I never received confirmation that it was good.
Please reply ASAP.
Thank you

Hi Brent,

If you are using PRO theme you don’t need to activate cornerstone.

It is already built in into the theme itself.


Then validate my license please!
What about the fatal error???

I can’t access this !

it keeps asking for my license! It won’t validate!!

Hi Brent,

I have logged in and checked your site but didn’t find any fatal error.

Your theme is also already validated.

Can you provide us screenshots and urls where we can see the issues.


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