Cannot get plugins

I do not have access to my themeforest account due to it being associated with an older email.

However, I have access to this where my license for X actually lives.

How do I get the plugins? There is no solution from Google and everything in the forums regarding this are from 2015.

Hi there,

If you have the license key registered in your account, you can validate the theme installation on your site so that you can have the plugins installed in the WordPress backend.

Hope this helps.

Installing them works fine, but the licenses are being asked for. Example is Revolution Slider.

Hi there,

It is not necessary to have the plugins validated if since they come in bundle with X. You can still use the plugins.

If you want to unlock more features for the plugins like importing premium demo slides for Rev Slider, you may purchase a separate license for it and get it activated.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

You’re welcome.

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