Cannot edit page in Cornerstone again

Hello I have just restored a database backup and installed the latest X theme and wordpress. I cannot edit the pages in cornerstone.

I can view the page on front end fine. However when I switch to corner stone it removes all content between the menu and footer? How can I fix this so I can edit pages?


Hello @Webmaster1234,

The pages you are trying to edit, is this previously built in Cornerstone? If not, you have to build it from scratch using Cornerstone. Cornerstone builder like any other builder cannot pickup how other page builder built the elements. There’s no one button function that will transfer content from different builder.

Also, the backup you have restored, is this from a different install? Or is this a database backup of same installation? I have visited your site and it is under maintenance. We might need to check your site setup. Please share credentials inside a secure note

Pages were built in cornerstone yes. The text of the page says [CSCONTENT][/CSCONTENT] it was built on same domain.

Hello @Webmaster1234,

Thanks for updating the thread.

There seems some issues with the installation of X Theme and Cornerstone. I see that you have X Theme installed and activated. However, in WordPress admin section in right side of the panel I see Cornerstone along with X Theme.

Unusually that happens with X Theme is broken and that’s then Cornerstone get active. Further checking the theme it seems that X Theme installation is having issues. Please delete X Theme and Cornerstone and then download latest version of X from members area and install the same. For more information on installation, please refer following post.


Hello @Webmaster1234,

Your reply has been withdrawn. Is your issue resolved already? If you need anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to open another thread.

Best Regards.

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