Can you suggest me best optimize plugin?

js, html, css
because so many plugins has an issue with this theme, autoptimize to

Hey Saswata,

Thank you for reaching out to us. You can use W3 Total Cache plugin for the site optimization. I’d suggest you to please go through this article which will help you in optimizing your site with different options.

Hope this helps!

Thank you but when I active this plugin the mob nav button won’t working

Hey Saswata,

That could be happening because of the minification feature of the plugin, since all of the X assets come pre-minified so you can disable this feature. Keep in mind that if you’re using a large number of plugins, script minification and concatenation can cause plugin conflicts.

Let us know how this goes!

I think there was a problem with Stack IRON, beacuse in another sack it work great

Hi Saswata,

Icon is a unique stack with unique features so there might be a plugin’s conflict with this stack. You can choose a different stack that fits your needs.


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