Can you correct the top bar pop-in problem?

After the last major update, Pro introduced a huge flow issue…

If you open a page to edit and you want to double click to edit a title, for example, you can’t do it without a shift happening. In the double click sequence, the first click causes the nav bar to pop into the top of the page, which shifts the entire page down, making the 2nd click in the double click sequence miss.

I’ve kind of been waiting for you guys to fix this yourselves since its a glaring issue, but it’s still there. It’s super annoying and just destroys our flow. We shouldn’t have to load a page, click the element we want to edit, wait for it to shift down, and then double click it. Could you please fix this by leaving space at the top for the nav so that when it pops in, there is no content shift?

Hello @co50,

Thanks for writing in! We cannot replicate this issue. For us to have a better understanding of the issue, please create a video screencast of what is happening with your issue and send the video to us so that we have a clear understanding of your issue.

Best Regards.

Here’s a video:

Seems pretty strange that it’s just happening for us. In the first part of the video, I click once on an element and it shifts. In the second part, I double click and it shifts and begins inline editing for the wrong element.

Hello @co50,

Thanks for the video screencast. I finally have a clear understanding of the page shift that you are talking about.

When you open a page in the builder, you will have this:

As soon as you click on any element, the Element inspector will appear on top.

You can prevent the page shift by reorganizing your panels. You can actually click on the Element inspector and drag it to the bottom so that when you click or double-click an element, there will be no page shift.

If you are not familiar with the new Workspace and how you can rearrange it according to your preference, kindly check out this video:

Hope this makes sense.

I understand the workarounds, but what about when we want the nav bar at the top? I like it there, but this means I have to live with what is seemingly a shortsighted design flaw. Can you understand how this is problematic? I hope they can fix this. This flaw is going to crop up with the first element selected on every single Pro installation that uses the default placement. This affects a lot of people.

Hi @co50,

We understand your point but I would also request you go with the suggestion given by my colleague in his post and re-arrange the top bar. I will check it further and if possible I will add it to our issue tracker for further investigation.


So we’re supposed to change the heading bar placement on every single website we work on until you fix this bug and then switch them all back? This is a pretty glaring issue and you’re responding as if it’s some weird edge case. @kyle - am I off base here?

Hey @co50,

I’ll post this issue in our tracker so this case will be queued for investigation by our development team.

Please keep your video up.