Can you click directly into a headline and edit the text?

I’m using Cornerstone and creating some “headlines.”

In the Cornerstone builder when I want to edit the text of the headline, I try clicking directly into the headline but nothing happens. It seems I can’t edit the headline directly. I have to go into the “edit text” option on the right-hand side of the screen.

Could this actually be the case? It seems strange that I can’t just click into the headline and edit it. This might seem minor, but this really disrupts the general workflow.
I’m sure I must be doing something wrong here…overlooking something.

Please help

Hi @ShermanPotter,

Thanks for reaching out.
You can edit the Headline content by directly clicking on the content in the preview section. If that is not working, there might be some different reasons behind your issue, I would like to suggest troubleshooting the following common issue to help us recognize the reason.

  1. Theme Related Issue
  2. Plugin Conflict
  3. Theme Update related issue
  4. Child Theme Related issue ** if you have activated it
  5. CSS/JS Customization
  6. Disabling Cache
  7. Disabling CDN

If you discover that an issue is coming from a custom code or 3rd party plugin, kindly consult with a developer or contact the plugin author. Please note that we do not provide support for custom codes and 3rd party plugins.
If none of the above helps, please provide login credentials for your site in a secure note to examine it further, including:

– WordPress Site URL & Login URL
– WordPress Admin username/password

To create a secure note, click the key icon underneath any of your posts.


okay thank you
secure note added above

I tried following your instructions above.
Didn’t work

Hi @ShermanPotter,

I have checked and found the headline element can be edited by clicking on the element. I would suggest you follow the method shown in the given video and let us know if it is working for you or not.


Am adding another secure note.

And, yes…if I’m just building a page from scratch, I too can directly click into the headline and edit it. My problem is happening when building pages off a template I created.

Hi @ShermanPotter,

You can’t edit the content of the Headline if you have added any HTML tags to it.


You can’t edit the content of the Headline if you have added any HTML tags to it.

Okay, I understand now how it works. But, not sure I understand WHY it works that way.

Why not have the whole thing coded so you can edit the headline when it DOES have HTML tags on it? It’d make things more convenient for me: a workflow with less steps involved.

And, thank you for your help!

Hi @ShermanPotter,

Direct editing only allows editing the text, and in that case any HTML tag might be modified wrongly, which is why it does not allow.


Thank you tristup,

I’m not trying to give anybody a hard time here. It just seems like something X would be capable of doing.

Nonetheless, thank you for your help.

Hey @ShermanPotter,

You’re most welcome!

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