Can not change the font


I have used your theme for about 5 pages now, it´s great!

But, I have a problem with the new one
I can not change the font. I don’t get any options for changing the font if I go Appearance - customize. I just checked my other page and that’s the place where I can changed the font.

I just installed the theme.

Thank you in advance!

Hey @anni,

Thanks for writing in. I’m not sure what exactly is the issue though. Would you mind following the instructions given in the Font Manager documentation. If that does not help, please give us a detailed explanation of what’s happening. Also provide screenshots if possible.



The problem in that I’m not able to change the font. I have tried two ways:

Dashboard - Appearance - Customize. In the other pages that I have done with the same theme, has the opportunity “Typhography” where I have change to font from Dropdown. Now, there is now “Typhographu” at all.

I have also change the font in the settings: Cornerstone - Settings - Font (to ubuntu). But still, the font is something else.

How I can change the font?

Hi there,

Are you using V2 elements in Cornerstone? If so, you might not be seeing all of the options including the font setting if you have the Advanced mode disabled so kindly double check and make sure it’s enabled.

Hope this helps.

I have it on, but still can not fix the font. What I should try next?

Hi Anni,

In that case, would you mind providing your admin access in a Secure Note so that we can check your setup?

Thank you.

Sure, here you go! It´s bit funny since I have used the same theme for about 7 pages and this is the first time when I meet this problem.

Hi Anni,

Sorry for the confusion here. Please don’t use Appearance -> Customize options. Instead, use X -> Theme Options -> Typography area for X theme specific customizations.

For example when you head over to Dashboard -> X -> Theme Options area, you can click on the settings icon on the bottom left hand corner.

Then you can access font manager from there and set a font according to your requirement.

For example you can add a new font as below.

Then when you’re editing your content through Cornerstone editor, you can access to those fonts.

Hope that helps.

Hi! Sorry, I don´t understand. I have now put ubuntu to be my Custom font, but I can not change the font in my text. And of course, I don’t want to change the font all the time when writing the text. With my other X-theme pages, this has been easy. It has came automatically when have chosen it once. I don’t understand why it´s now so hard.
I have used Classic text element with all my content.

Hi There @anni

Once you set a font on Font Manager as I have mentioned above, you can then select it for your Body Font as well under X -> Theme Options -> Typography.

Hope that’s clear.

Actually, it´s not. Since I have used Classic text, there is no that option. I have used this differently for about 7-8 other pages. I have been able to change the font once, not with all the text element.

And how I should change the font of the accordion, featured list etc?

My X -> Theme Options -> Typography does look different, please see the foto here:

Oh no!! Sorry, I did find it, I needed to scroll more down…thank you! This is solved now! :slight_smile:

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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