Can I put this in accordion?

I need to put all this inside an accordion (screen shot blow). Is that possible? The problem I see is getting everything to line up, there are 4 columns plus two images with the top “our pick” image needing to be precisely lined up with the frame.

I thought of doing a block, but the block would only be used once and the are going to be hundreds of products so that would result in hundreds of blocks, any suggestions on how to approach this would be appreciated.

Hi @waynepatt58,

Thanks for reaching out.

Are you referring to global block? Unfortunately, it’s the best option that manually creating that content on every accordion. With global block, you can simply add the shortcode within the accordion content.

Or, you can create a custom shortcode that can be re-use for hundred of products, then simply add the product ID and other information through shortcode attributes. Unfortunately, it’s a custom development which we can’t cover but that idea will work. I recommend contacting a developer if you wish to create a usable template for your products as a shortcode.


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