Can I get a refund / money back?


I bought X yesterday, but it turns out its changed a lot since my last purchase. Even the support isn’t what i was expecting. Its all really confusing.

Do you offer a refund??

Thank you.

Hi @Akhanom,

We would be very happy to clear up any confusion. What areas are you struggling with? We will assist and help you get up to speed.


I think I’m a little overwhelmed with how the forum works. Its a little difficult to navigate - don’t know where to look and get in touch with actual staff. I should be able to connect with a member of staff with one or two clicks but its takes a little browsing and some persistence to find my way through the system. I haven’t been able to find any documentation or tutorial videos? I’ve spent a few hours this morning trying find out how i can recreate something like the attached screenshots? Haven’t gotten anywhere still. I think X might not be suitable for a beginner like myself.

Hi @Akhanom,

You can easily reach out to our support team right here, in the same way as you’ve opened this thread. Our team is available 24/7 so feel free to post as many questions as you have, and our team will certainly guide you.

Regarding documentation, you can access that here. We are currently in the process of a major overhaul of this, but this should certainly get you started and past the feelings of overwhelm.

Hopefully that gives you a good starting point. The design you mentioned is definitely achievable and once you’ve taken a look through the documentation, you should feel more confident in taking that on. Like I say, our team stand by for any questions you have to help you achieve the desired look.

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