Can I create a Support Chat on Wordpress using X Theme

Hi there,

I just installed X Theme for my Wordpress.
The site is for a business where its a call to action that supports marketing and banners
I would also like to know does X theme work with most plugins?
I want to have a support chat system for when users need to have quick support access

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Hello Jaycee,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Any well coded WordPress plugin that follows the development guideline laid out by the community should work fine with X Theme. In that regards if you are looking to create a chat system using WordPress on top of X Theme, you can take a look at the plugins that are available on repository and or other distribution platforms like Codecanyon.


Thank you for your response.
I have alot more to ask as I’m doing research.
Is there a better and faster way to chat ?
Divi have a great support system where I have asked them questions to make my decision on which theme

Hello @hmrreferrals,

I am assuming that with faster way to chat you are referring for a live chat function between you and Themeco staff. Please correct me if I am wrong. Unfortunately as of now we don’t provide live chat feature. We may in future but I am not in a position to share ETA. I understand that research phase can be bit confusing. In that regards, if you have any specific question please let us know. We will try our level best to help you out.


Yes, basically.
We already have themeco installed however thinking about moving to a different theme like divi.

They have all the tools we need and I am pretty sure X theme do too, however there isn’t any support or help with it. Does X theme use marketing tools, SEO and can have dynamic banners?
This is a business site we are creating and we need to have a chat option, a tool to drive campigns and leads etc

Call to action site

Thank you

Slider Revolution or LayerSlider are bundled in X and you can use them for your banners.

X was built with SEO and marketing in mind so you can build landing / sales pages the are search engine optimized. X also has a Snippet extension so you can add schema markup to your site which is good for search engines.

ConvertPlus is an email marketing plugin that is also bundled in X.

Please take a look at the extensions list in our Knowledge Base to see what else you can use.

X does not have a chat plugin.


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