Can I create a front page like "" with "x"?

Hello all,

I’d like to create a front page for my website that looks like the one here:

Specifically, I’d like to have several vertically scrolling pages that correspond with my primary navigation, listed across the top of the page.

Any hints on how to do that?

Hi There,

That functionality is called ONE PAGE NAVIGATION. Please check this guide:

Hope this helps.

Hello Lely,
Thank you for your help.

This reference is helpful.

However, I find this tutorial strangely difficult to follow. It seems like it suggests several approaches, but then quickly discounts each of them as outdated a few sentences after they are introduced (?!?) because they are inefficient or depreciated or just not right. This is very weird and confusing.

So how is a user supposed to do this TODAY?
-my own markup?
-using [content_band]?
-using ‘x-content-band’?

Should i do this in the WP content editor or in cornerstone/visual composer?

Is there a complete page i can look at as an example?



Hi Ali,

Sorry for the confusion, maybe I could provide you a simple instruction. Please follow this steps.

After you have build your page with all the Sections you need.

  1. Assign an unique ID for each of your Sections
  2. Then navigate to Appearance > Menus, and create your (new) one pager menu.
  3. Build this new menu with Custom Links, put the ID of your Sections prefix with a # symbol on the URL field and your prepared label for the Navigation Label field. Do not forgot to save your new menu after you’ve done creating it.
  4. Navigate back to your page and assign your new one pager menu as the page’s One Page Navigation. You can see that option under the Settings > X Settings > One Page Navigation

Hope it helps,

Thank you, very helpful.

Would you please explain why the options in your “ONE PAGE NAVIGATION” dropdown are different than mine, and what i should select if “one pager menu” is not an option?

I have created a page called “Front”, but that page doesn’t appear in my drop-down list:

Also, i see in this thread that staff @Lely says: "One page navigation still doesn’t work on Pro. ":

Is that true, and if so, what would your instructions do then?

Hi There,

"ONE PAGE NAVIGATION" option should be there. Just below the Disable Page Title option.

That issue has been already addressed on PRO version 1.1.1 (, so make sure you’re up to date.