Calibri font not working on mobile divices


On my site I’m using the font calibri for my body text and it works fine on my desktop. Safari, Chrome and Firefox all show the font just fine. On mobile devices however, the font doesn’t show up. I assume it’s because the font isn’t part of the mobile’s system. How can I get the Calibri font to show up on mobile devices as well?

The site I’m working on is

Thanks in advance!

Hi Vink,

Thanks for writing in! I have tested your referenced link on a mobile device as well as on chrome’s mobile developer tools and I see that your calibri font is rendering accordingly.

Most probably you’re experiencing a caching issue on your end. Could you please try clearing full cache and re-test this issue again. You can refer to the following resource if needed (

Let us know how it goes.

Hi there!

Thanks for checking. The font you have on your mobile, however is not Calibri. It’s some sort of replacing font. it’s supposed to look like this;

How can I achieve this?

Hello Vink,

Apologies for the confusion. It is not showing in Calibri because it is a system font on your end so if the user’s computer does not have the font, it will show up in a different font just like my case on my desktop:

If you want to be able to use Calibri, you can upload it through the Font Manager as a Custom Font instead then reset it from the settings.

Hope this helps.

Awesome, worked like a charm! Thanks!

You’re most welcome!

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