Buttons keep disappearing and reappearing and button link stopped working

Hi, on our website: https://boxes.jrsadvancedrecyclers.com/ when you click on a colored box on the home page is leads you through to a page that has a button in the top lefthand corner called the ‘Transfer Box’ button. Sometimes this button shows up and sometimes it does not. When it does show up it no longer leads through the page that it is linked to. Please LMK if you need website credentials to check into this.

Thank you. Please reply to Jane Stobbie Keer: jane@keerkeercreative.com. I am the person troubleshooting this problem.

Hey Jane,

We can’t reply to your email as we only provide forum support.

Regarding the issue, I don’t see any button in the Single Portfolio. If you see the button on your end, please take a screenshot and post the screenshot here.

While waiting for the screenshot, please kindly do all of the troubleshooting steps below which are applicable to your case

  1. Testing For Plugin Conflict
  2. Child Theme
  3. Css/Js Customization

Only if none of that helps, please give us the following info in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.


Hi Jane,

I have investigated your child theme code and found that you used the edit_post_link method to show the button. The said method only executes if you are logged in, and that is why the button does not show while not logged in.

I would suggest you use the following code instead.

<a href="https://boxes.jrsadvancedrecyclers.com/transfer-rows/" class="WPU-btn">Transfer This Box</a>

You may need to adjust the CSS to make the style similar to the button.


Hi can you tell me which part of the code to edit in the theme editor…thanks.

Hi Jane,

You need to replace the marked code in the screenshot.

If you are not proficient, I would suggest you hire a developer who can assist you to do this.

Hope it helps.

Thanks, with your help that did help and I switched out the code and the buttons are appearing more readily now.
I have a couple more questions. When the form Transfer box (250) is filled in it used to auto populate the Box ID field with the Box ID that was clicked on from the Home Page colored box and the ‘Picked up From’ field used to say the last place it was picked up from. Can you tell me how I might achieve this? Somehow we got a gremlin in out website that deconstructed things.

Hello Jane,

The features that you want, would require custom development. I would suggest you contact a developer who can assist you with your concern. Please note that we don’t provide custom development support or customized child theme. It is out of the support scope.

Thanks for understanding

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