Button with PDF link doesn't work

I know that I am using third party plugin, but may be you came across with it… I am using PDF viewer for Wordpress by ThemeNcode. I just want to add the link to the button and have it open in the new tab in the pdf viewer, but the button doesn’t respond. What is the best practice to add hover over text/button without borders to link to pdf file opening in the new tab?

Thank you, Oleg

Hi Oleg,

Can you share us the URL with the button so we can see your setup? Css can be used to customize button. See this guide: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/customizations-implementing-additional-button-colors/206

Thank you for your reply.
The link to the page is http://illusorystudio.com/sculptural-furniture-collections/suspense-coffee-table-1/
PDF link attached to “TEARSHEET PDF” button.
I am not sure how to link my pdf file to the plugin I am using, so it is opened in the new tab with the plugin designed viewer. I created individual page with shortcode to the plugin and link to the pdf from media. Then I place the link to the page I created in the button setting link. I have tried different PDF viewers, but all the time I try to print the document, I get error from wordpress. So, I thought that may be I put wrong shortcode or something else?

Thank you

Hi Oleg,

Since you are using Pro, no need for custom CSS to customize button. We can achieve button style on advance settings available on the element. See Interactions from here:

Your setup with the pdf viewer is correct just linking to the page that should display the PDF. The issue is why the page doesn’t render PDF correctly. From your shortcode, I can see you are using this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pdfjs-viewer-shortcode/. Can you share your site credentials on a secure note so we can see your setup. If the issue is coming from the plugin, it would be better to consult plugin developer.

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