Button link

As you can see in the above image this is the link to the opt-in form where my new email subscribers opt-in.

As you can see in the image below I need to insert a href code to link a button. But what code do I use for this?

Hey @djinnie,

In your screenshot, you’re using the Classic Button element. That doesn’t have a Custom Attribute feature that will allow you to achieve the link setup in your 1st screenshot.

You need to use the Button element. In the URL field of the element, type in the href value. Don’t rely on the screenshot. Actually copy the exact code in the snippet documentation that’s shown in your screenshot.


For the onclick attribute part, go to the Button > Customize tab and click the + icon beside the Custom Attributes label.

Then, insert onclick in the Name field and the ml_webform_1234 in the Value field. And again, copy the exact values in the snippet documentation not what I used as an example here.


Hope that helps.