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I would like to have buttons and images that open up lightbox galleries, is this possible? And if so, then how do I do this using shortcode? I have galleries already setup in the “the grid” plug in, but it seems that they only way to use their lightbox is to place a grid on the page too. Is there a way to open a lightbox without doing this?

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You can use the Lightbox feature of the theme. For more information:

I think it is not possible to have the lightbox feature of The Grid without having the grid actually added to the page.

Thank you.

Thank you, I tried this but it is not working. This is what I placed in a classic text box:

[image class=".test" src=“http://thebahiagrand.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Suites.jpg” alt=“Text”]

[lightbox selector=".test" deeplink=“true” opacity=“0.875” prev_scale=“0.75” prev_opacity=“0.75” next_scale=“0.75” next_opacity=“0.75” orientation=“horizontal” thumbnails=“true”]

What changes would I need to make to this in order for it to open a complete media gallery in the lightbox? My client would like this set up for both buttons and images. Basically the client would like a bunch of hidden galleries that can only be viewed by pressing images and buttons

Thank you


Please remove the dot in the class attribute


[image class="test" src="http://thebahiagrand.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Suites.jpg" alt="Text"]

[lightbox selector=".test" deeplink="true" opacity="0.875" prev_scale="0.75" prev_opacity="0.75" next_scale="0.75" next_opacity="0.75" orientation="horizontal" thumbnails="true"]

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