Building Test Site through a hired developer with x theme

I started building a site using the X Theme on a subfolder on my website. I have since hired a web development company to build my site for me using the X Theme. They tried to upload my x theme to their test servers to build my site but the license will not let them. How do I allow this company to build my site?

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Can you please let us know the problem your development team is facing? In the meantime please take a look at following document in case the problem is related with theme validation:


They tell me that the theme will not validate because

They tell me the theme will not validate because it says it is active somewhere else.

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Navigate to your Licenses page, add the domain that the 3rd party company is using to develop the site as the Staging domain.

Product Validation


After putting the domain in the staging site here is what we still get.

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You have to paste the license code into that field to validate your staging site.


The code was entered several times.

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Based on your screenshot, it seems that they are trying to activate a Cornerstone installation while the license you have is for X theme itself.

Kindly get in touch with the developer and double check that they have X theme installed and are trying to activate the theme, not just cornerstone.

Hope this helps.

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