Builder Preview Warning Fix

I’m hitting a “The preview could not load due to misconfigured URLs.” warning and your documentation ( states that their is a known issue with staging sites via SiteGround.

I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m up against because I can’t edit pages on neither my staging site nor my live site right now. Any fixes for this? The documentation doesn’t offer any solutions…


Hi @nakana,

Yes, it is a know issue for staging setup via SiteGround. It would be best that you will contact your hosting regarding this issue or do not use Siteground for your staging site. I will also forward this issue to our developer so that they could look on this and probably they could help but I could not guarantee it because it is specific for the SiteGround configurations.

Thank you for understanding.

Thanks. Do you know if their is a solution in the works? If it’s a known issue, and SiteGround is one of the recommended services, there must be something going on, right?

Hi there,

Actually, the Siteground offered a solution for the time being. Please kindly read the section which is related to the issue on this article:

The article is updated and the Siteground section is added.

But please consider that this issue should happen only in the staging environment. If this is happening on the live site too then it might be originated by another cause.

Kindly check the solution they offer and if it is not working for you get back to us with your website information and the name of the page you test the Cornerstone in to follow up. You can add the information privately using the Secure Note functionality of the post

Thank you.

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