Builder Preview Not Working

Hey team,

Completely stumped.

I have 2 staging sites using the same hosting website and plan, one where the new builder preview works, one where it doesn’t.

On, everything is good.
On, first it says the security certificate is invalid. Then, when I push through, it refuses to load the preview on the builder. I’ve tried using different browsers (Safari and Chrome), updating/restarting my computer, the works.

Have my team confirming now if we use Siteground, but I’m pretty sure this a GoDaddy hosted site.


Hi there,

Please kindly read the article below and follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned there:

If you still have problems after taking the steps above, kindly get back to us with the URL/User/Pass of your WordPress installation which has the problem using the Secure Note functionality of the post.

Thank you.

Not sure why the Https wouldn’t be configured correctly, there wasn’t any steps done differently that I can tell. I updated browsers and upgraded my hosting plan as well, still no dice.

Hi There,

Upon checking, I see that you have a SSL Certificate related issue (check secure note).

Upon further testing I see a PHP fatal error is occurring when loading the builder. I see that you’re running PHP v5.4.45 on your server. Could you please ask your hosting provider to update it to PHP 5.6.32 or it’s even better if you can switch to PHP v7.1.x.

Let us know how it goes.

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