Buggy theme that won't update?

Hi There,

It seems like you have X Theme installed 2 times, the version that is not active is the latest version.

Please access your site via FTP remove bother versions and re-install the theme.

You wont lose any changes because your changes are stored on the datase.

Hope it helps

when I activated the latest version of x theme it completely screwed up my site

I activated it after I tried to install the latest update via FTP because last time I updated it messed up the entire site

Hi there,

Please update your theme again ( cornerstone is already updated so the theme should be updated as well ).

Once updated, please login to your CloudFlare please turn off JS and CSS minification under Speed section. Then purge your CF’s cache. And if you have the cache plugin, then clear and disable it as well before purging your CF’s cache.

Even if you updated your theme or plugins, it will still serve old files if you don’t clear the caches.

Plus, you can’t have two X theme. You must delete the old one and install the latest one (make sure to backup the old one). It must have correct folder name, and having two themes means having different folder name.


did what you said and my site is ruined

Hi there,

It’s because the CSS and Javascripts are not properly loaded. Please provide your CF’s login credentials as well.


I have updated the credentials rad

Please check it again :slight_smile:

Make sure to clean your browser cache before testing. But your theme’s installation folder is still incorrect. It should be /themes/x/ and not /themes/x_package/x/, please correct it through FTP. Then purge your CF cache again, like I did.


so I just need to rename the file?

I just moved the ‘x’ folder from ‘xpackage’ and it popped an error ‘xpackage does not exist’

Hi there,

No need to rename it, just move it outside /x_package/ folder, and then delete that /x_package/ folder. Then go to admin and activate your X theme again.


I deleted xpackage folder and moved x folder into the main theme directory and the site is completely gone and popping this error

EDIT: never mind! thanks for the help, the site is back up but I am having the same issue with the look of the portfolio page as well as the blog page :frowning:

Is this supposed to be an area for widgets or something?

Hi There,

For blog index page, it will show all posts added on Posts. At the moment, you don’t have post that is why it shows Nothing at the moment text.

For Portfolio, it is showing when I check:

why is the portfolio showing that grey block? it wasn’t there before I updated the theme (when I updated to 5.2.2)

and the blog page has a weird gap?

Hello There,

I have logged in and I was able to resolved the issue by setting the global content layout to “Fullwidth”. You can change this setting in X > Launch > Options > Layout and Design.

Please check your site now.

than you very much my friend! looks absolutely perfect

do you know why there is a gap in the blog section below the menus?

Hello There,

The big space is supposed to be where the post slider will display. At moment it just displays blank because you do not have any posts. You can disabled this by going to X > Launch > Options > Ethos > Post Slider - Blog.

To know more about other Ethos features, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

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