Bug - Pro 5.1.4 - html class JS

Hi Themeco,

A bug has reappeared between 5.1.x betas and releases I don’t know when. I’m now on Pro 5.1.4.

When JavaScript is enabled the CSS class

<html class="no-js" lang="en-GB">

Is not being replaced with

<html class="js" lang="en-GB">

This has happened multiple times during past releases and creates time wasting unstable developer experience with instability troubleshooting problems that are not problems.

Standard best practice is to use the CSS class name js forJavaScript dependant classes, however, this is now not being correctly set. This means when using best practice the entire site now does not work because the class if not being set when JavaScript is enabled, delivering an extremely poor end-user experience.

When will this be fixed? If this will not be fixed for weeks until the next release please provide a patch.

Hello @strobley,

Thanks for the feedback. This is supposed to be fixed in the previous (8.x.x) version. Now, it is back. This seems to be a bug in the latest release. We will bump our developers and inform them about the issue.

Please bear with us. Thanks.

Thanks @ruenel - when will this be fixed?

Hello @strobley,

We do not have an ETA yet on the next release update. I will bump the issue tracker to follow on this issue.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks @ruenel - given the Pro/X themes use the js class within the stylesheets I would expect some kind of patch for this soon.

You’re welcome, @strobley. I already have bumped the issue tracker and already informed @Alexander as well.
Please bear with us.