Buddypress Translation question

Hi there,

I’m trying to translate a couple of strings in BuddyPress / here’s what I tried:

  1. Editing the buddypress-hu_hu.po file, turns out the translation is already in.
  2. Followed the KB guide and tried editing the hu_hu.po file, did not work.

Here are the strings:

From the registration page:

  1. Account Details
  2. Profile Details
  3. Sign up

My profile page (x-profile buddypress)

  1. Edit settings


Hi @Pbalazs89,

We do have customization on some buddypress templates that is why other part translation on buddypress pot file wont work. Please translate it on Pro instead. Check this detailed translation guide. Open the pro.pot file from this location: \wp-content\themes\pro\framework\lang. Check the words you need to translate from that pot file and follow the guide.

If you have still issue after this, we might need to check your setup. Please setup a staging site that we can access so we can see your settings. Hope this helps.

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