Broken pages can't be edited with CS

Hi! This is actually and old problem but I have alway handled it the hard way, just to redo the page. It seem like you can brake a page created in Cornerstone by misstake edit it with, for example, the WP editor.

The broken page still looks good in the front end but it will not be recognised as a CS page when you try to edit it.

Is there a way to “repair” a page so that CS recognise it again?

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Regretfully, if the page is edited outside the cornerstone then you can’t edit it anymore inside the cornerstone builder. If you have any backup of your website, I suggest that you create a staging area and upload that backup then save that page as a template. After that, download the template from your staging area and upload it to your live website. Worst case scenario, If you don’t have any backup, you need to do it again from scratch.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

@marc_a Thanks Mark, that was what I suspected. The problem is when you have multiple editors and some of them don’t remember the instructions. I have used X theme since the start and this problem has followed me since then.

Not sure if it’s possible but if it is, I wish to add a “Repair page” function to the wish list.

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Hello @mblume,

As my colleague suggested there is no option, You might ask your hosting provider to provide you files and database in the previous date where you have edited the content by only cornerstone builder. You can restore the previous version of the database and then edit the content.

Hope it helps

Perhaps there could be an option added in the theme to disable the other editing modes and make Pro/X the default, and only available, option. On a per post type basis.

Hi @JvP

The content added through the Cornerstone or Content Builder is not editable in the Block or Gutenberg editor or any other Page Builders, and vice-versa. The Editors or Page Builders works like that. While adding, modifying the content we need to be a little careful which editor needs to be used, and need to continue with it to avoid any future issues.


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Hey @tristup, indeed that’s how it works but maybe something could be done about minimizing the risk that users edit a page/post in a different editing mode by accident.

Those controls on the right could be hidden when a page/post was created with Cornerstone so there’s no way you could accidentally pick the wrong editor. This could be a new theme option in a future update. What do you think?

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While I can relate to the idea about this this is a native interface so changing the styling of WordPress core styling would not be best practise and with WordPress updates the change could get overwritten or not be effective anymore. We always appreciate feedback and I will still forward this to our development team for the future. Thanks!

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