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dear team,

we navigated the forum and the knowledge base as well as the pro options in our developing environment and unfortunately we didnt figured out how to recreate the megamenu on a bottom header. we bought pro because you said that this feature is available in pro theme but we need help in order to reproduce that layout, please help. thanks so much.

you can see this post for further instructions.

check the link bottom header menu with mega menu

Hello Milo,

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First, you will have to create your bottom header. Are you already familiar with the header builder? Please check this out:

Once you have your bottom header, you will need UberMenu plugin to have the mega menu in your bottom header. You can install UberMenu from Pro > Validation > Extensions. To know more about UberMenu and how you can recreate the mega menu, please check out this articles:

Hope this helps.

thank you so much for your valuable support.

we followed the step by step guides that you provided above and we found the way to recreate a ubermenu in the header bottom section. by the way the Submenu items are displayed below the visible area of the page and after three days of trying we didnt find any solution to display the submenu in the visible area of the page. What we need is something that can invert the pop out position of the submenus, making them appear from the upper side of the bottom header


This might help, it’s from Ubermenu author :slight_smile:


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