Blured product images in woocommerce with x theme

Hi there,

we’ve got a problem with blured images in the shop pages of our woocommerce shop with x theme. We’ve added the correct sizes in the backend, also doubled the image resolutions but that didn’t help. Plugin force regenerate thumbnails was also used. The images still have a blur.

Can you assist please?

Hi @knowmates,

Upon checking your setup, I could see that it is working well. All images in your shop page are not showing blurred.

You can also check the link below for more details on how to fix blurred images.

Let us know how it goes.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hello nico, I am having a similar issue that my product images are blurredin the store but not once you click on them and bring up the item specifically. I looked over the Woocommerce documentation you linked to and I know my images are plenty big at 1000x1000px. Can you help? my website is currently under construction at:


Hi @jgreenberg,

In that case, please start a new thread and link it here. Then provide your login credentials in a secure note since it’s behind a coming soon page :slight_smile:


Hi there,

after updating to the latest woo version we still have problems with blurred images on retine devices. I don’t know how to fix because the resolution should be finde. Can you help and check it please?

Hi There,

Thanks again for writing in!
I checked your site in a MacBook Pro Retina and the images are looking fine.

Please check the screenshot in the secure note.
Not sure in which retina screen you have the issue. You can confirm that.


Hi there,

did you checked if the resolution is fine for retina as well? The pictures are not fine on mobile devices like iphone 8

Hey @knowmates,

The login credentials you posted does not work. Please check. I checked a product archive page and a single product page the actual size that are used is around 700 x 500 px. If you’re in a 4k retina, that might be a bit pixelated or blurry. Please check your settings in Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Images and increase the size of the Main image width and the Thumbnail width close to your original image size.

WooCommerce by the way now automatically regenerates the thumbnails. But, if you don’t see the effect, try using the third party regenerate plugin.


The original image size is about 1500x1110 px. So you mean that I have to increase main image and thumbnail width to 1500 px?

Hello @knowmates,

Thanks for updating the thread.

I suggest you to please take a look at following documentation to set image sizes: