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Is it possible to edit the code so the main blogroll only shows certain categories? I found a website that explains how to change the code on function my_home_category which would normally be in the functions.php file, but I don’t know which file in x contains that function code. Is this possible with x?

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Thanks for writing in! Before we resolve your issue, please provide the link of the website you found that bears the code change that you want so that we can check it. We can guide you much better if we have clearly understands the code along with its changes.

Kindly let us know.

I was looking at the info on this page

Hello @havok7979,

Thanks for updating the thread.

All you need to do is copy the code that’s shared in WPMUDEV and paste into child theme function.php file. Please make sure to replace category id.

To install and setup child theme, please use following resources.

Download Child theme from following source:

Please take a look at following article to setup child theme:


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