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Hi I added 3 recent blog posts on the home page. But I don’t know how to make it show the categories and dates. It does show on the blog page itself, but not on the home page.


Hello @LixarCommunity,

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Please use Classic recent post element and then apply the solution mentioned by my colleague in following thread:

Please note that this will require template change. To do that I suggest you to please install and activate child theme and then add the code shared by @christopher.amirian in above thread in child theme function.php file. To help you setup child theme, I am sharing few resources that you can use.

Download child theme from here:

Hope that helps.



On the homepage i’m trying to do this layout for the blog post: sent a link in secure note

Hi There,

Create two Columns on your page and use recent post shortocdes inside those columns with specifying your categories ( So basically for one Column you can use vertical shortcode and for the other one you can use horizontal.

For example:
[recent_posts count="2" orientation="vertical" category="top-10"]

Hope that helps.

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