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I don’t really like how the featured image shows on some blog pages, depending which image I use, it pretty much covers the entire screen if full width. But if I want an image to show on the archive pages I have to apply a featured image.

What would be great is if when creating a post/blog there was a selector (or generic CSS) to turn off the featured image from the actual blog page display. I assume there is no such setting?

So my two alternative options are:

    • Set entry-featured to display none via CSS for individual posts, but that means doing for every post.
    • Create a new post template which is without the featured image?
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You can hide featured images in all single post without editing each post. You can use this code:

.single-post .entry-featured {
  display: none;

And if you want to target a particular post not to display the featured image, you can use this code instead:

.postid-123 .entry-featured {
  display: none;

where in 123 is the post ID. To get the post ID, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

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