Blog post doesn't display correctly

See the video at the link above. The blog post looks correct in the editor, but then doesn’t display the same way on the front end.

I’ve tried chrome, firefox, and edge and it’s all the same.

Please help! Thank you in advance.

Hello @piexec,

Thanks for posting in! I have inspected your page and there was some broken CSS values that you have added like calc(.75m + 0.25vw); which supposed to be only calc(.75em + 0.25vw). I have checked all the values and corrected them and then went to Pro > Settings > System to clear the style cache.

By the way, I have temporarily deactivated your WP Rocket and other optimizing plugins to make sure that we are seeing the updated page and not the cached version.

Kindly check your page now.

That worked perfectly! Thank you.

Glad to hear that, @piexec!

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