Blog Page Template

I am trying to use the same blog page template on each blog. I currently am building out the blog with blocks each time. Is there a way to use a template from the start when I begin a blog?

Hi Bill,

Thanks for reaching out.
It is not very clear what exactly you want to acheive here. Can you please explain it a bit more for further assistance?


As the admin: I go to post, new post to write a blog. At this point, I have to build out a new format with blocks each time. I didn’t know if I was missing something in setup. I want to use the same template for my “posts” each time.

Hello Bill,

You can simply go to Cornerstone and create a Single layout where you can assign this layout to all your post. You can create using the Sections, Rows, Columns, and other elements, and then when you create a post in Post > Add New, add the title and the post contents. Viewing the live post will then use the single layout that you have created. Perhaps this video will help you:

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I think I may have to live with what I have and build out a new blog format each time. I have a single page set up, but when you go to “post” “add new Post” it brings me to a blank page with blocks to complete. I don’t think I select the same starting position as you did in the video, but when I did…no luck. Thanks anyway. All the best.

You’re welcome, Bill.