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When Blog Options have “Filterable Index” selected… is it possible to pick what category appears beneath it?

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! Do you mean you want to only show specific categories from the Filterable index drop-down? If so, yes that is possible you just only need to input the ID of those categories that you actually want to show, read more about Filterable Index here.

If this is not what you want to do, please clarify.


I understand that I can select the Category ID’s and insert into the Filterable Index for those categories to appear WITHIN the drop down.

I was specifically asking about having a “default” category chosen to appear UNDER the drop down.

Right now I have two blog posts showing from one of the least popular categories appearing when the page loads. I would rather have my most popular category appearing on the page load.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the clarification. Unfortunately, that is not available. It is using get_categories() function. Default sorting is by category name and order by ascending. You can see it on this file \wp-content\themes\pro\framework\views\ethos\_index.php. This line:
$categories = get_categories( array( 'include' => x_get_option( 'x_ethos_filterable_index_categories' ) ) );