Billing city won't pull through as post meta DC

I want to display the billing address for a user, using these fields:

{{dc:post:meta key=“meta-billing_address_1”}}
{{dc:post:meta key=“meta-billing_address_2”}}
{{dc:post:meta key=“meta-billing_city”}}
{{dc:post:meta key=“meta-billing_state”}}
{{dc:post:meta key=“meta-billing_postcode”}}
{{dc:post:meta key=“meta-billing_country”}}

Here’s the test users billing data:

And here’s the output of the above:

I’ve tried a number of ways but the billing city won’t pull through.

Any ideas? Bill.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for reaching out.
It is not clear where you are trying to show the city of billing address. Can you please share the URL along with your website credentials in a secure note to examine it further, including:

– WordPress Site URL & Login URL
– WordPress Admin username/password

To create a secure note, click the key icon underneath any of your posts.


Hello Bill,

I tried to access your site dashboard but the given login details are not working on my end. Please recheck and send us again.


Sorry - I updated the secure note.

Hello Bill,

The updated credentials still do not work for us.


Really sorry - I think the * at the beginning messed up when I pasted the password. I’ve updated the secure note, and tested this login myself. Doh.

Hello Bill,

Please change your dynamic content and use this instead:
{{dc:user:meta user="{{dc:post:meta key="ID"}}" key="billing_city"}}

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Thanks for resolving that - but why on earth is the city only available in that format, and not like the others? Likewise I can only get the shipping address the same way. Is this something inside Pro that you can bring back to a more regular method?

Thanks, Bill.

Hello Bill,

It is a user meta so when you pull the user metadata you need to pass the user ID to get the correct user data using the user ID.

Hope it helps

But why is only City that way and not all the other fields - it makes no sense. All the other fields work in one format and city works in another. Pro must be pulling this data from the same database table in Wordpress, I know because I can see it on the post. Your fix works, but why?

Hello Bill,

All the HPS Member data is saved in the Users table. When you do the query, you will have to get the HPS Member ID and look it up in the Users table. It is better to use the {{dc:user:meta user="{{dc:post:meta key=“ID”}}" key=“usermeta_name”}} than use the HPS Member data {{dc:post:meta key=“meta-name”}}.

Hope this makes sense.

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