Best Option For Blog Post Styling/Building for Pro

Hello guys,

I’m new to Pro and I have a question about styling blog post. If I remember correctly, in X there is an option where I could build the post design using cornerstone. However, in Pro, I have no option for this except for page. I haven’t play with this for a very long time so please pardon me if I’m wrong :relaxed:

So in this case, should I use other plugin to use it together with Pro? if so, which one of it is the safest to use? safest mean will not slow down the site load time and will not crash with pro. Is visual composer the bes?

I hope to get your guidance about this topic. Thanks in advance!

Ouch! LOL, terribly sorry. the answer is right in front of me. I’ve found it in the permission setting to allow blog post to get Pro styling as well.

Theme Pro is just too awesome!! THanks for developing such a great theme, guys! :smile:

Hi Sandy,

Glad you sorted things out.

For other users that wish to edit blog posts on Cornerstone / Pro Content Builder, navigate to Pro > Settings > Permissions and turn On the Posts.



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