Bespoke header & blog spacing issues

Hi, I can’t seem to find an answer that relates directly to this - I’ve created my own header for my website, but on the blog pages, it seems to have caused a spacing issue:

This wasn’t an issue before I added the bespoke header & I’ve tried to add some CSS to increase the space beneath the header / top of page, but nothing seems to work for the blog pages? I’ve viewed the page on all major browsers, on my laptop, desktop, mobiles & iPad & it always looks ‘squashed’.

Many thanks,


Hi Amanda,

Thanks for reaching out.

For that kind of setup, I recommend changing your header bar initial position to relative instead of absolute.


Absolute positioning is only good for making the header and content overlaps to each other, like what’s currently happening on your setup. It’s best applied for big slider with overlayed menus of the header.

Hope this helps.

Hi Rad,

Thanks for your response. All changed & now working perfectly :slight_smile: Wonderful!!

Thanks again,


You’re most welcome!

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