Benefit of using the font manager?

Hi all,

Just a quick question. What is the direct benefit of using the font manager, compared to just adding the font to your .css file?

For example, if I want my body to have a different font, this is pretty simple to add in .css; I must be missing something.

When enabling the font manager, I need to go to each post and change the font-family from inherit to a certain assigned font using the font manager. This seems like a lot of effort?

Again, I must be missing something. I’d love to get some insights.


Hi there,

The main advantage of using the Font Manager is that when you set the font to several elements, in case you decide you change the font afterwards, you can simply update it from the font manager and all the elements where the previous font was set will be updated with the new font.

You can find more information about the Font Manager here:

Hope this explains it.

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