Background Video in section won't play

I apologize, I reached out about this a month ago, and I didn’t have a chance to go through all the troubleshooting steps at the time so the topic got closed. I went through the steps and still haven’t found a resolution. I tried disabling plugins, JS codes, emptying server cache, etc., but it still won’t work for me. I tried different browsers and devices. What can I do now?

Hello Brian,

Thanks for writing in! You may have done the troubleshooting and unlikely missed something. I have logged in and investigated the issue. It seems that the 3rd party Series Engine plugin is causing the issue. I have temporarily deactivated the plugin and your video is now playing.

Check your site now.

Yes, it did work with Series Engine deactivated. I’m not sure why I didn’t see that before. However this plugin is 100% necessary for the media page. Is there a way to get the video to play while having Series Engine enabled?

Hello Brian,

I would suggest you contact a plugin author to fix their plugin issue or make it compatible with the X/Pro theme. Please note that we don’t provide any third-party plugin support. It is out of the support scope.

Thanks for understanding

This was from the plugin developer…
“Is there a setting where it only embeds media element.js and jQuery on certain pages. That causes SE’s javascript to throw errors. When you turn that setting off and have those embedded on every page, you should be good to go.”

I can’t find this setting. Is this something that exists in X?

Also, “I’m actually not seeing any JS errors in the console on the home page.”

Hello Biran,

There is no setting in the X theme like that. The media element js used in the background video is the built-in media element of WordPress. We recommend that you find an alternative plugin that works the same as the Series Engine plugin.

I am not seeing any JS errors as well when the Series Engine is active. I am not sure why did the creator of the plugin tell you that.

Best Regards.

I was able to get it working using plugin organizer to disable Series Engine on the homepage. So the background video plays now, but it won’t loop on the frontend or backend. Thoughts?

Hi Biran,

That seems to be an issue within the video itself, I did go ahead and reoptimize that video, and it’s looping properly now.


Great! Thanks!

Hi Brian,

Glad that we are able to help you.


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