Background Slider possible?

i was reading this:“setting multiple images on a single page will create a beautiful, full width background slideshow. Set the duration of each photo and the length of the transition between them” over here:

the problem is, that i somehow can´t find a way to do that.

How is that possible to realize.

i want to get away from the revolution slider, as it takes to much time to load.

is there an option to do it, as written on the website above and how?

thank you!


Hello Rene,

Thanks for writing in!

The article refers to the page background setting which you can set in X > Theme Options > Layout & Design > Background Options. You can also check it here:

Regretfully this isn’t a replacement to a slider if you have integrated it in your masthead as mentioned here:

Hope this helps.

thank you for your reply … following your instructing, i tried everythng, at the same time i can´t seem to find an option to create a slideshow with background images. going to the “background options” just allows for a background image, which is global as it seems and not what i am looking for.

i want to create a slider with background images. how to do that?


Hello Rene,

I believe the background images option you are looking for can be found in the Page Settings when you edit the page in the Wordpress admin area:

But if you want a slider, X has several slider plugins that you can use namely LayerSlider, the slider element in Cornerstone, and Revolution slider.

I would suggesting looking at Revolution Slider as it will give you more freedom for customization and many options.

Hope this helps.

thank you. i gonna try that solution.

what is the layer slider and where do i find that?

revolution slider is out of question, as i want to get rid of it - way to slow, compared to sliders my competition uses … even if the size of the images is reduced to a level, that is barely acceptable.

Hi Rene,

You can install the LayerSlider in X > Validation > Extensions.
To know more about this plugin, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

i created the slider as mentioned above and it does what it is supposed to do.

2 questions came up:

  1. can i somehow use alt-text?
  2. can i somehow move the images so that the focal center of the image is in the center of the screen on mobile?

thank you guys for your help!


Hello Rene,

Thanks for updating in!

1.) There should be a place to insert the alt text if you inserted the image as a layer. On the other hand, if you have set the image as a slide background, you do not need to insert the alt text because a background image is just a style property and not as an element.

2.) If you inserted an image as layer it should be positioned at the middle center so that in all screens its position will be fixed and will not changed.

For more reference, you can find the documentation here:

sorry for being not precise … i ment i created a slider with the method i was searching for in the first post and was answered in the first reply.

my last 2 questions were in regard to that method.

would it be possible to answer in that context, please?


Hi Rene,

I am not sure which method you used. Did you use Layer Slider and Masthead method or the simple background one?

I suggest that you give us the exact URL of the page that you used so that we can follow up.

Thank you.

… the simple background one.

Hey Rene,

Regretfully, the answer is no for both of your questions. The way the slider works does not permit an alt text to be added or used. There’s also no control to position each image. I’d recommend you use slider with controls like Slider Revolution or Layer Slider.


thank you!

You’r welcome, Rene.

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