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I have a background image on several pages, and after making a new design, the background image “jumps” when scrolling on mobile (only on mobile - tested on iPhone 11). I’m guessing that it has something to do with the mobile header, but I can’t find the issue?

Look on this page.

Hi Kobber,

Thank you for writing in, can you try using a No Container | No Header, No Footer template to test if it’s really with the mobile header. And do you have some kind of a smooth scroll plugin can you try deactivating it? As a matter of fact please do a Testing for Plugin Conflict, one of your plugins might causing a conflict.

Let us know how it goes,


I have tried everything you said, but no luck.

  • I disabled all plugins
  • I have set it to No container | No header, No footer
  • I have checked the section with the bg image + the section above and below

And yes, I cleared the cache after every change.

Hi @Kobber,

Thanks for the info, can you provide us login credentials on a “Secure Note” so we can take a closer look?

And can you confirm that the issue is only happening specifically to iPhone 11 and not with other iPhone models? I can’t replicate the issue on my end,


Hi @friech,

Just to make sure that we’re on the “same page” - this is what happens, and yes - I’ve only tested it on my iPhone 11: Video

Hi Kobber,

It might the Safari browser is caching the site or does not render the background properly. I would suggest you check the same in different browsers like Chrome or Mozilla and let us know if that shows the same issue.



It’s the same - can’t you replicate the issue? I have also tried it on an iPad, and the background image “jumps”/zoom as well there.

Hey @Kobber,

I have replicated the issue and I suspect this is a bug because it also happens in my site. I’ll post this in our issue tracker so this will be queued for investigation.

Please stay tuned.


Great @christian. I’m looking forward to your reply.

Just a small update…

I have about 5-6 sites where I have used the same method with a bg image, and they all jumps/zooms on scroll on mobile/tablets. Guess you’re right about the bug, and I sincerely hope that there will be an update soon that fixes it.

Hello @Kobber,

We have already reported the issue and the issue is in our issue tracker for our development team. There is no ETA at the moment so I would request you, please stay tuned for succeeding theme updates.

Thanks for understanding

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