Backend editor

Hello, I cannot use Backend editor. It works in classic but not working in backend.

Hi There @egeislekel

Thanks for writing in! Upon checking your server configurations I see couple of possible causes.

1.PHP version running on your server is v5.5.x. We recommend PHP v5.6.x or higher to avoid incompatibility issues. You can also see the WordPress recommendations here ( So I would suggest you to update your PHP version. If you don’t have an option to switch your PHP versions within your hosting control panel, you may have to contact your hosting provider.
2.Also I see that your PHP memory limit is set to 256MB. We recommend to increase it by following our guide here ( If you have correctly increased it, you should be able to see the updated values by head over to Dashboard -> WP-Serverinfo area.

Once you have fully updated, please make sure to clear full cache before testing. You can refer to the following resource if required (

Let us know how it goes.

I’m using the highest PHP version which my hosting supports. It is v5.5.31

I changed the memory limist to 512mb.

It was working, but suddenly it stop. Is there any chance to figure it out?


Runinng old oversion of Php can cause potential conflicts and more importantly it can have security loopholes.

Wordpress already requires PHP version 7.3 or greater.

You need to upgrade your hosting account to one that support a higher php version


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