Autoptimize settings for excluding Jquery.js

Hi Guys,

I have just checked the forum for things that can go wrong with the autoptimize plugin. I have read the link posted in other replies with recommended settings
Can you please advise which Jquery files I should exclude in settings so that I dont mess anything up?
I am using X theme Pro and also slider revolution.

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Hi Tom,

Please exclude the following files.
cs-vendor.js, cs.js, cs-head.js, cs-body.js, huebert.js, x.js

Also make sure, under “Misc Options” you’ll find Also optimize for logged in users? It is checked by default. Please uncheck it.

Hope this helps.

perfect, thanks a mill

You’re always welcome Tom!


Hi again, Lely. I have used the plugin to optimize which seemed to work ok. my mobile speed has gone from 11 to 22 but still much below 50 which is considered acceptable. Could you perhaps point me a link I could read up on for how to speed things up for mobile views?

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Actually , sorry ! it didnt work out ok . I realise in the menu bar now the drop downs do not show so the plugin must have done something to those? my site is would be great if you could have a quick look . thanks

Hey @tomleen,

Optimization plugins such as Autoptimize could break scripts like the jQuery script included in WordPress. That is what I see on your site. If jQuery’s broken, all functions that rely on it like the submenu popup will be affected. Regretfully, we can’t fix that as we do not cover support for website optimization issues. I recommend that you consult with a website optimization expert.

To give you an idea on optimization, we have a general optimization guide that you can read here:

Please just take note of the disclaimer in that article:

Thank you for understanding.

Ok, yup that makes sense. thanks

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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