Autoptimize and pro

hello I am trying to inline javascript by using Autoptimize and it seems to stop some crucial js. is there specific js that I need to allow to use pro and are there specific settings to do this?

Hey @wicara,

I’m sorry but Autoptimize has not been tested with Pro so we could not give a setup recommendation here. You will need to consult with a speed optimization service like

Thank you for understanding.

Hello, that seems like a lazy answer for a paid theme like yours. especially Since the link seems a little dodgy. I would not be sure they are just not going to say what I have already researched for myself. Every theme x customer will be looking at speeding up their site because of the new Google requirements. If autoptimioze is not tested surely you have recommendations of plugins that are and if not can I request that one is as it will not be an uncommon occurrence

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I’m sorry about that. I should not have focused on Autoptimize plugin solely. We have a general performance guide here. Stated in our guide, X / Pro resources are pre-minified so you need to exclude all X / Pro and Cornerstone resources from minification.

Hope that helps.

Thank you, that is fantastic

You’re welcome.

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