Automatic updates not activated

Hello. I have a website that also has a private clone that I use for testing and development. I have purchased a theme license and want to apply it to my both my live site and my dev site. I want to apply it to my dev site first. I have followed the instructions to unlock automatic updates on my dev site, but my plugins still indicate, “Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.” How can I resolve this?

In the WordPres back-end, X–>Overview indicates that automatic updates are unlocked. Additionally, in Apex–>Manage your licenses, I have specified the URL of my dev site for the “Staging” URL.


Hi there,

I checked your licenses page and found out that you added the same URL for both live and staging websites.

Kindly make sure that you add the correct URL for the staging website and follow the case as you would do for a new website product validation:

Thank you.

OK thanks. We can consider this resolved.

On a side note, when you replied to my post, I never received an email notification, even though this post is designated as “Watching.” Is there a way to ensure I receive email notifications when someone replies to my support ticket?


mmm… I am not sure how this work as a normal user, we are set as a staff user and we can access the notification section by going to Account > Profile > Preferences > Notifications.

But I am not sure if that is the case for you either.

Thank you.

OK thanks. I did that and made a change–let’s see if it takes. Thanks.

We can consider this resolved.

Thanks for letting us know! Have a great day!

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